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Glitter Box Surprise Bag!!

Designer: Glitter Box N.O.

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In your surprise bag you'll find a unique curation of Glitter Box goodies: 3-9 products inside (based on selected price tear and product availability) including products made by local creatives and some house made products!

Great as a gift to yourself, or anyone you know who loves New Orleans, supporting women and non-binary makers, and needs a litter more glittery good vibes in their day! Like a visit to our French Quarter shop, you'll never know what new beautiful object we'll have to inspire giggles, that you'll start wearing every day, or that will bring joy every time you see it hung on your wall!

Example of a $30 Selection:

1 x local artist tote bag, 1x locally published book/zine, 1x local artist enamel pin, 2x Glitter Box sassy feminist buttons, 1x funky fresh sunglasses.


1x Glitter resin lapel pin, 1x House made mermaid sequin pillow, 1x eco glitter vial, 1x kaleidoscope glasses.

Select the total value of the bag you'd like to request and we'll ship it anywhere! Leave a lil' something about you, your favorite thing about the Glitter Box, your favorite color, or an inspirational phrase in your shipment notes to guide our curation and make it special just for YOU!

The Glitter Box Guarantee