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Pixie Dust Eco Glitter

Designer: Pixie Dust

Aurora (Pink, Purple, Copper, Black, Silver Stars)
Brass Band
Bubbly (all Silver)
Fat Tuesday (Purple, Green, Gold)
Glitter Box House Blend
Midsummer Night (blue, light orange)
Sunday Brunch (Pastel Rainbow, heavy on the pinks)
Twinkle (Silver with Stars)
WHO DAT (Black & Gold)
Aloe Application Gel
Dark Matter
Single Applicator Brush
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This colorful, ever chunky glitter is biodegradable!!

Perfect for makeup and costuming, Pixie Dust glitter is made from Eucalyptus fat. This sweet vial of sparkle will fully breakdown, so no need to feel any guilt watching it go down the drain at the end of a shimmery evening, it will fully biodegrade within a few months and isn’t harmful to wildlife in the process!  Non-toxic so it's safe on the skin and eyes.

For an extra $5, you can get a vial of aloe vera applicator gel!

As featured in 2020 Stocking Stuffer Gift Guide!

Made in New Orleans, LA by Pixie Dust

The Glitter Box Guarantee