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Bloomers (Highwaisted Undies) by Sierra Kozman

Designer: Sierra Kozman

Yellow with Blue Flower
Yellow with Light Pink Flowers
Yellow with Yellow Flower
Red with Peach Flowers
Red with Light Pink Flowers
Coral with Light Pink Flowers
Green with Light Blue Flowers
Green with Blue Flower
Green with Brown Flower
Burgundy with Blue Flower
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Feel the comfort of these stunning bloomers, aka high-waisted underwear! Each piece is hand silkscreened and is a unique print. 

Made in New Orleans, LA by Sierra Kozman. Undies are 95% Cotton/5% Spandex and made by Hannah Broer (USA MADE).

Glitter Box is a shop space run for + by womxn in the French Quarter of New Orleans, LA.  We use an inclusive definition of “womxn” including trans women, genderqueer women + non-binary people who are femme-identified. 5% of all sales benefit nonprofits which seek to promote the education + empowerment of womxn in New Orleans & beyond. Click here to learn more!