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Peach Linen Top by MASUE

Designer: MASUE - Caroline Muneoka

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This contemporary silhouette was inspired by the print that adorns it, it began as a pen and ink drawing.

Style: Flattering on all body types and easy to layer. Pairs beautifully with a full length toule skirt for a night out or black pants for a more casual look. Soft cream linen fabric is cut, silk screen printed, and then sewn. Hand printed with eco friendly water based ink for a print that is soft to the touch. Machine wash on gentle. Hang dry.

Made in New Orleans, LA by MASUE. 

Establishing a classic twist on a modern aesthetic, Masue devotes itself to an organic design, inspired by nature. Masue's ideas first take shape as drawings and are then exposed onto a silkscreen. Natural fabric hand dyed, then cut from a pattern block, and each piece of the pattern is printed using eco friendly water based ink and sewn.

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