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Cosmic White Eco Glitter by Mika Cosmic Glitter

Designer: Mika Cosmic Glitter

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Get glittery without the guilt! This glitter is sustainably hand-mined & ethically handmade in small batches in the USA. Organic, vegan & cruelty-free. Each batch is unique!

Mica is traditionally known for its healing properties & has been used for centuries by cultures throughout the world. It is associated with multiple chakras - the crown, heart & third eye - and has become known as the stone of spirituality. It is said to represent the different spiritual layers one may 'grow' throughout one's lifetime.

While mica is used in numerous fields & applications, it is also renowned for its metaphysical & make-up applications. It is known as a protective stone and is said to embody love for oneself & others while also shielding the user from outside negative energy. The reflective properties are said to help individuals reflect on - and change - characteristics that may be holding one back from becoming one's highest self. These attributes make mica a great stone for manifesting, finding balance, coming back to center and grounding.

This is 100% natural and of the earth. Some sediment and settling is to be expected.

Not intended to be used internally. Use with precaution & avoid contact with eyes. Use soap or facial oil to easily remove from skin.

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA.

Ingredients: mica

Eco-friendly labels & packaging are utilized when bottling this line. Card-stock is hand-dyed with natural plant dyes & compost on hemp paper. Each bottle varies slightly, according to dye batch & plant materials used. The glass bottles have metal screw-top lids and are reusable/recyclable.

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Made in New Orleans, LA by Mika Cosmic Glitter.

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