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Button Bundles by Glitter Box Goods

Designer: Glitter Box N.O.

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Kick-off or add to your button collection with these curated button bundles!

10 Glitter Box buttons in your chosen theme packaged in a sweet drawstring bag. The first edition of bundles comes in 3 themes: Feminist AF, Queer Babes, and Mental Health Matters, so the collection is curated to your personal vibe.

Pop 'em on your tote bag, share them with friends, hide them as lil' surprises for your roommates, or use them as pins to close a gift sustainably wrapped in fabric. These sweet 'n' simple buttons have versatile uses, and a lot to say.

The Glitter Box Guarantee

If you would like to specify a particular zodiac sign or pronoun pin, please leave us a note during the checkout process.