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About Glitter Box N.O.

Painting of the Glitter Box Shop space by Loey Zarov, New Orleans Artist

Glitter Box N.O. is an independent retail space and maker community on a mission to enrich our communities through the economic empowerment of marginalized genders (or MaGes). These groups have always formed the bedrock of holistic approaches to change, their empowerment is paramount to greater equity, sustainability, and growth for the larger community.

Our online shop and brick-and-mortar space are filled with one-of-kind, handmade gifts, artful offerings, and items focused on empowering people to connect with themselves and the community at large. 

We showcase artists and makers of marginalized genders, host workshops, and support social justice groups in an effort to cultivate celebration and action within New Orleans and beyond. With the generous support of the HLH Properties and the Heymann Foundation5% of all sales are donated to local and national nonprofits that align with our mission. 

We hope you’ll join us in our commitment to helping MaGes experience joy, fulfillment, and empowerment. 

A little goes a long way. 




For more on the language we use at the Glitter Box, read our blog post here.

Painting by Loey Zarov

Our Story

Born during the 2017 Carnival season, Glitter Box started as a glittery shop oasis in the French Quarter of New Orleans, LA. Owner Lila Heymann and co-founder Alice McGillicuddy envisioned a space for people to connect and contribute to uplifting over-looked groups while enjoying the pleasure and magic that handmade objects and art can bring.

Raised up with the love and support of the community, collaborators, and a team of caring, invested individuals, the project has blossomed into a workshop and community event space, an online giggle-fest, a job-creating in-house line of products, and as network to connect to an extensive directory of women and non-binary owned businesses.

In our 5 years open, Glitter Box has raised over $55,000 through sales for 20 local nonprofits with the support of the Heymann Foundation and all of you! 

Glitter Box Guarantee

We believe the small choices we make can have a far-reaching impact on the world around us. Supporting independent, ethical businesses is essential for our communities and the environment to survive and thrive. 

When you shop at Glitter Box, you are supporting an organization that:

- is dedicated to seeking out and promoting artists, makers, and collaborators who are Black, Indigenous, and/or People of Color

- pays all employees $15 dollars an hour or more, offers sick-leave, and flexibility with childcare

- works to treat all artists, collaborators, and employees with dignity, respect, and openness

- is committed to taking care of the environment and implementing environmentally friendly policies

- donates 5% of all sales back to the greater community

- is transparent and dedicated to learning from its mistakes 

Access our media kit HERE.

All images are property of GLITTER BOX NO And the images, or the likenesses of images, individuals, or products, cannot be used/reproduced/appropriated without permission from the Glitter Box and featured artists and models.