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Giving Back

We think it's important to give back to the city that gives us so much! 

Every month Glitter Box partners with a different nonprofit and donates 5% of our proceeds to their cause with the generous support of the Heymann Foundation.

Giving is at the root of our mission and we've been honored to donate over $55,000 to non-profits and community groups since our opening in early 2017.

There are so many amazing organizations in the city - and every city across the country - so if you can, consider donating your money or time to something you believe in in your community! 

This Month we're donating to MaCCNO...

Since 2012, the Music and Culture Coalition of New Orleans (MACCNO) has been organizing, empowering, and advocating with New Orleans’ musicians, artists, traditional culture bearers, and other members and allies of the cultural community.

To learn more about their essential & empowering work visit