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Gemstone Earrings by The Mad Bohemian

Designer: The Mad Bohemian

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The Mad Bohemian was created to promote the use of affirmations, and to raise awareness to the gemstone's unique properties. The Mad Bohemian pieces are made with good vibes, pure intentions, and are made with semi precious gemstones. Whether you believe in their natural healing properties, or you just appreciate their beauty: There is a Mad Bohemian piece for everyone. 

All metals are Allergen and Tarnish Free, so that are made to last. The names are inspired by nature, goddesses, and all things bohemian.

-Nickel Free

Made in New Orleans, LA by Tee

About the Stones:

- Agate: grounding, protective

- African Turquoise: evolution, growth, prosperity

- Dalmatian Jasper: awareness, intuition, healing

- Labradorite: transformation, strength, intuition

- Onyx: release sorrow, grief; fortify self-confidence

- Tiger's Eye: balance, optimism, relieving scattered energy

Length measurements:

- Azalea Hoop: 2.75"

- Harmony Threaders: 2.5"

- Lune Double Hoop: 2"

The Glitter Box Guarantee