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Ceramic Joint Holders

Designer: Ficus Ceramica

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Revolutionize your joint game.  No more awkward passing or burnt fingertips - introducing joint holders!  Featuring a tapering hole that passes entirely through, so you can wedge in a joint or blunt of any size, and hold something ceramic instead of slightly slimy paper. You can even put it down on the table, and the burning end is safely held up in the air!  

Made in New Orleans, LA by Ficus Ceramica.

Porcelain is incredibly durable - it's used to tile the outside of space shuttles - but should still be handled with care.  It can break when dropped on a very hard surface but is less delicate than glass.

To clean, soak overnight in a ziplock full of isopropyl alcohol and coarse salt, agitate gently, then rinse thoroughly.

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