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DoubleBlind Magazine

Designer: Shelby Hartman

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DoubleBlind is a biannual print magazine and media company covering timely, untold stories about the expansion of psychedelics around the globe.

Perfectly bound, printed on premium paper.

Issue 1: In DoubleBlind's inaugural issue, we take readers from the coast of Big Sur, where reporter Zachary Slobig explores the relationship between apathy towards nature and the climate crisis, to the Ecuadorian Amazon, where photojournalist Nicola Okin spends time with indigenous communities who are using plant medicines to heal from foreign oil and mining extraction. We also speak to racial disparities expert Monnica Williams about how MDMA might be used to address the trauma of racism—and look at what the psychedelic industry can learn from the cannabis industry's mistakes. Buy the issue now for these stories, poetry, art, photography, and so much more.


Issue 2:  In DoubleBlind's second issue, we cover the latest developments in the rapidly expanding psychedelic movement. Reporter Zach Sokol explores why decriminalizing psychedelics—and growing your own mushrooms—is the best way to combat "corporadelics" (yes, that's a thing). We also look at ayahuasca for conflict resolution among Israelis and Palestinians; the rise of men's healing circles; and the beauty of female friendship, across generations. Buy the issue now for these stories, poetry, photography, art, and so much more.


Issue 3: In our third issue, we explore psychedelics as tools for healing and interconnectivity in times of crisis. Inside the issue, you'll find timely stories that examine racial and social justice in relation to psychedelics, asking us to reflect on controversies and inequities within the field. We cover the paradox of conscious capitalism, the reality of racism in the psychedelic space, and the question of psychedelic exceptionalism—are psychedelics inherently better than other drugs, like opiates, and how can diverse communities of all types of drug users work symbiotically to dismantle the Drug War? We also take readers around the world, from an all-women's ayahuasca ceremony in the Amazon to the underbelly of the global festival culture to queer communities from around the African continent. The issue also features practical advice, like how to choose the right psychedelic for you, as well as a transcript of a previously unpublished interview with Timothy Leary and Roger Steffens (the artist behind the renowned Family Acid photo collection). And there's even more.