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Tassel Earrings by Swiet Stuff

Designer: Swiet Stuff

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Gorgeous hand-made lightweight earrings. Unique. Funky. Bold. The perfect statement piece!

Take pride knowing that your purchase supports #artWORK opportunities for women in a community with limited job options. Relish the look of #empowARTment!

Teal & Peach Tassels: 3 inches long x 4 inches wide 

Wine Knot Tassels: 4.5 inches long 

Neutral Knot Tassels: 4.5 inches long

Green Knot Tassels: 5 inches long

Red Knot Tassels: 5.5 inches long

Black Hoop Tassels: 3.75 inches long

Blue Hoop Tassels: 4.75 inches long

Pastel Hoop Tassels: 3.5 inches long

Orange Tassels: 5 inches long

Seabreeze Tassels: 4.5 inches long

Pastel Knot Tassels: 5.25 inches long