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Kokoann Scented Candles

Designer: Dana Simmons - Kokoann Scented Candles

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Brighten up your room with one of these hand-poured 12oz scented candles!

100% vegan candle. Burn candle no more than 3-4 hours at a time. Trim wick 1/4 inch after each burn. Candle is handmade using coconut wax with an eco-friendly cotton wick. If any sooting occurs around the neck of the jar, simply use a damp cloth to remove. 

Stress Relief has a fresh scent, like you just got out of the shower. It's renewing and rejuvenating. Light this one after a hard day to help you unwind. 

Perfect Gentleman is Kokoann's best selling fragrance. This scent is bold, deep and musky. 

Rose Petals smells beautifully of roses. 

Fall in love “Under the Mistletoe”, a perfect holiday fragrance that fans of fresh woodsy pine scents will sure to find appealing any time of year!

The holiday season isn’t complete without a splash of homemade, spiked eggnog. Our Vanilla Eggnog candle is heavy on amaretto and rum, and an added dash of vanilla, butter, and sugar for a rich and delicious gourmand aroma.

Frosted Cranapple is crisp, sweet, and spicy. It's the perfect scent to top off your gift giving season. 

The Glitter Box Guarantee 

Due to the heaviness of the glass, shipping is slightly more for candles.