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No 26 Botanical Toner Water - Lavender, Lemon, Rose

Designer: Natural Mixologist

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Wild Flowers harvested on a family farm. This hydrosol helps to draw moisture in and retain it. Mild astringent and helps minimize the appearance of pores. Controls oil production and aids in restoring the skin's PH balance. Balancing and soothing suitable for all skin types.
Hydrosols are potent botanical extracts; herbalists know them to be one of the truest and complete extracts that capture the whole plant essence. The extracted water is "water-soluble" plant compounds, but also oil-soluble plant compounds, resulting in a "complete" plant extract. Hydrosols contain a small amount of essential oil, and this is a great way to use them diluted. 
1.7 oz

Made in New Orleans, LA by Natural Mixologist

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