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Bolo Ties by Alligator Pear

Designer: Alligator Pear

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Statement-making bolo ties made with glitter cast resin objects + vintage rhinestones/costume jewelry! Adjustable leather cord with gorgeous metal tips.

Featured in: 2021 Holiday Gift Guide

Bolo Jewelry Dimensions:

Skulls: Height: 2in  Width:1in  Depth: 0.5in

Alligators: H: 4.75in W: 1.25in D: .5in

Venus: H: 3.5in W: 1.75in D: .75in

Big Ovals: H: 4in  W: 2.75in  D:1.25in

Points: H:2in  W:2in  D:1.5in

Ornate Centerpieces: H:2in  W:1.5in  D:0.25in

Cord Lengths including metal tip:

Checkerboard: 40in

Black: 48in 

Colors & White: 44in

Made in New Orleans, LA by Alligator Pear. 

The Glitter Box Guarantee