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Here we have important community resources listed for both the LGBTQ+ and BIPOC community in the New Orleans area. If anyone has any resources that may help please send an email to

The following links are local resources for the New Orleans LGBTQ+ Community
(This list was sourced from LCMC Health)


LGBT Community Center

In addition to providing a space for LGBTQ+ meetings and events, the LGBT Community Center is committed to dismantling structures of homophobia, racism, transphobia, misogyny, and ableism that prevent queer people from living freely and authentically. The LGBT Community Center serves as an intermediary for holistic referrals to ensure that people of all identities and experiences know where and how to seek help, be it physical, mental, emotional or social. Its mission hinges on community team building, as no one individual can address systemic inequities alone. To further that purpose, volunteer opportunities are designed to convene and connect LGBTQ+ people and their allies, effectively creating a city-wide conversation in which all people are heard and represented in community action. LCMC Health is a proud supporter of the LGBT Community Center. 

According to the US Trans Survey, 1 in 3 transgender and gender non-conforming (TGNC) individuals in Louisiana will experience homelessness at some point in their lives. House of Tulip’s mission is to change that reality for as many TGNC Louisianians as possible. By providing no-cost, no-barrier access to housing for TGNC people in New Orleans, House of Tulip does not just invest in the immediate safety of queer people; it creates pathways to long-term equity, generational wealth, and home ownership by ensuring the organization’s properties are retained by TGNC community leaders. House of Tulip also provides a gender-affirming community closet, vital hygienic goods, training for job interviews and, most importantly, a place for TGNC people to feel safe and build community. LCMC Health is proud to partner with House of Tulip and sponsor its important mission.

New Orleans Transgender Institute

While gender confirmation surgery is not a necessary part of every transgender person’s journey, for some, it is an affirming step that can help to establish confidence and overcome feelings of body dysphoria. Such procedures come with many questions, including cost of surgery, length of recovery, how to manage hormone therapies, aftercare procedures, and more. The New Orleans Transgender Institute is here to not only answer these questions, but to help those who decide to undergo gender-affirming surgery by forming a treatment plan, determining which procedures can be covered by insurance, and connecting with local qualified care providers. Consultations are one-on-one and completely confidential.


The New Orleans Advocates for LGBTQ+ Elders provide critical support to the aging queer population in New Orleans. LGBTQ+ elders often face poverty and isolation, and because many lived through the widespread stigmatization of queer people during the HIV/AIDS epidemic, some elders avoid medical treatment for fear of discrimination. However, these individuals have long been champions and trailblazers in securing respect and safety for LGBTQ+ people, and NOAGE ensures they aren’t left behind now. The organization hosts community building activities to combat feelings of loneliness and isolation, provides competency and training workshops for care providers, and leads fitness and exercise programs to improve the health of LGBTQ+ elders. NOAGE and LCMC Health are proudly partnered to increase the organization’s reach and impact and to ensure cultural competency in our medical facilities.

Brotherhood, Inc.

This important organization works at the intersection of racial and medical justice. Since 1995, Brotherhood’s mission has been to combat the spread of HIV and AIDS, while providing support and resources for African Americans living with HIV and AIDS. Brotherhood’s social outreach has included educational programming for the community in Orleans Parish, providing no-barrier testing and screening for HIV, counseling for those diagnosed with HIV and AIDS, as well as providing housing for low-income individuals with a specific focus on empowering and protecting Black men who have sex with men. 


For more than a decade, BreakOUT! has been fighting the criminalization of some of the most at-risk people in the LGBTQ+ population: our youth. The group’s membership supports queer youth aged 13+ whose lives have been impacted by the criminal justice system, with a particular focus on those from diverse racial and ethnic backgrounds. BreakOUT! offers leadership development, healing, funds for name changes, and community building and organizing. Simultaneously, the group works to dismantle the social barriers that put queer people of color at disproportionate risk of being affected by the criminal justice system in the future. BreakOUT! is available to lead educational workshops for youth and young adults and cultural competency training sessions for service providers.

Lambda Legal

In a perfect world, there would be no difference between the legal rights of LGBTQ+ people and their cisgender heterosexual peers. However, queer people still encounter discrimination at school, in the workplace, in the adoption process, and even in healthcare, and depending on where they live, victims might not be expressly protected by the laws in their region. That’s where Lambda Legal steps in. The nonprofit advocates for LGBTQ+ people and people living with HIV at local, state, and federal levels to combat instances of discrimination and to secure legal protections. Lambda’s website offers extensive education on each state’s anti-discrimination laws. People with legal matters related to sexual orientation, gender identity, or HIV status can contact a Lambda office for help. If Lambda takes your case, you’ll never be charged for representation or advocacy.

The following link is resources for LGBTQ+ Students, created and submitted by Ashley, a passionate GSA (Gay Straight Alliance) Student. 

Resources for LGBTQ Students

For young people who are out and ready to find an accepting community, college consideration is all the more important. While there’s no “school for gay students,” there are many college campuses that can be far more welcoming than others, with plenty of LGBTQ+ resources and advice already at your disposal. Here are some resources for finding communities that have already been made safer through the efforts of the administration. They included some scholarships for LGBTQ+ students looking to get help for paying for college as well.

Thank you SO much Ashley!

Resources for LGBTQ Parents of Children with Special Needs

As an LGBTQ parent raising a child with special needs, you may face unique challenges. However, by accessing the various forms of help that are available, LGBTQ families can become empowered to understand their child's needs, handle potential discrimination, and navigate their options. Learn more about medical, financial, and emotional support resources for LGBTQ parents of children with disabilities.


The following links are local resources for the New Orleans BIPOC Community

Thank you Michelle for reaching out with these important resources!

Live Another Day 

Live Another Day was created in early 2021 as a response to the unprecedented increase in substance abuse, mental illness, and deaths resulting from the pandemic. They’re a small, tight-knit group of business professionals and clinicians who have invested thousands of hours towards creating a truly one-of-a-kind recovery resource. They’ve evaluated over 14,000 treatment providers throughout the country and only listed the centers that meet our standards for high-quality care. 

Support for BIPOC Parents

  An extensive resource list curated for BIPOC parents. This guide was put together by the experts at Louisville Addiction Center

Resources for Latinx Students

 Extensive resources for Latinx students and their families, put together by Tulip Hill Recovery

Detox Local

Founded in 2014, was created as a go-to resource for those struggling with addiction and substance abuse related disorders. Their goal is to offer our users the ability to find a detox center to them, without having to sift through sponsored listings.

The following is a link to our Anti Racism & Racial Justice Resources Blog page