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Getting to Know Glitter Box Zine by Glitter Box Goods

Designer: Glitter Box N.O.

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An edited curation of some of the over 100 artists that make up the Glitter Box community. Getting to Know Glitter Box aims to showcase some of the artists of Glitter Box N.O. and to start a conversation about the womxn experience through their diverse means of expression, in celebration, contemplation, and, perhaps, criticism of their ever fluid identities in relation to femininity- or freedom from - and the sociocultural context that we attempt to survive and thrive in. We aim to include & celebrate as wide a range as possible of creative folx attuned to the feminine- in the traditional sense of the word or otherwise. We hope you enjoy getting to know some of the creative babes of the Glitter box community and that your mind is, maybe, opened to the vast array of experiences and ways to be. 

16 Pages in B&W and Color. Two layer, shimmer pink cover.

7 3/4 x 5 1/4inches. 

Curated and created in New Orleans, LA by Kate McCurdy ©2018. Printed at Paper Machine. 

The Glitter Box Guarantee