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Donate to Houma Tasso Time!

Designer: Hot Trash// Emily Creppell

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100% of the profits generated will contribute to the continuation of the Houma Tasso Time Spring gathering.

Translations for the Uma Anumpa (Houma language):

Tceulluleh- I love you

4 Directions:

Falamuah- To oscillate/move (References the movement of the sun through the seasons)

Uke' Muhele- Water/Wind or a hurricane (Marks the place and time where hurricanes happen, The South.)

Ayese' Kutch'- Sunrise

Ayese' Ukettula'- Sunset

These designs were made by Emily Creppell, a member of the United Houma Nation. 

If you're interested in learning more about Tasso or making a direct donation please CLICK HERE to find Tasso Time Go Fund Me page.

Yakuke! (Thank you)


Note: The Tasso Time sticker is larger than the others. It is 5x3 inches.